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As a technology - driven Indian company, HBL is a pioneer in batteries and related electronics. We are one of the major players in the world and renowned for our wide range of batteries that finds diverse application. Living the “Make in India” purpose with a legacy of 40+ years, we have carved a niche in the battery business and has always been in the vanguard of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' and meet critical requirements of several industries that are of strategic importance.

HBL is the World’s second - largest Ni-Cd battery manufacturer, India's third - largest telecom battery manufacturer, an only Indian company with Pure Lead Tin (PLT) battery technology, one of the few companies approved for supply of batteries for varied defence applications including aviation & submarine and FAA & EASA approved for battery supply to Boeing and Airbus.

HBL specialises in designing, testing and manufacturing world’s widest ranges of batteries for applications including aircraft engine starting, railroads, utilities, telecoms, datacentres, UPS and switchgear. HBL offers several battery chemistries – lead acid, nickel cadmium, silver-zinc, thermal batteries and primary lithium. In-addition, HBL supplies ancillary equipment and industrial battery chargers and associated Power Electronics and Battery Management Systems.

With Lithium Batteries having established themselves globally as preferred batteries for Energy Storage, HBL has developed solutions based upon most suitable lithium battery technology. HBL is uniquely poised to offer Lithium Batteries and Energy Storage systems for diverse applications.

As an integrated player, HBL has five vertically integrated manufacturing units and a full- fledged Research & Development center. Our laboratory is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).