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The specialised battery division is part of our commitment to develop technologies for strategic and critical applications covering defence, medical, aviation, railways, telecommunication, non-conventional energy and other core industrial sectors. We strive to build customised solutions for most critical applications.

Our Silver Zinc Batteries finds application in missile technology and aircraft. These silver batteries are designed and manufactured to conform with relevant International Naval, Air-force and Military standards. We are one of the few who have perfected the science of designing and manufacturing Thermal Batteries. The Thermal Batteries power weapons system and are custom designed to meet the requirement of short and long range missiles, torpedo engine priming, rockets and guided bombs.

Likewise, we have the capability to manufacture Reserve Batteries. Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries are used in fuses of various weapons that could be stored for more than 20 years’ prior activation. We have developed several models of Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries that power electronic circuitry in fuses of projectile shells, mortars, Guns, etc.

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