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Battery Management System

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Battery Management System

HBL's Battery Management System (BMS) is a full featured Lithium Ion Battery Management System that is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of protecting, monitoring and managing Lithium Ion battery packs for various applications.

Besides monitoring various parameters including voltage, temperature, State of charge (SOC), Depth of discharge (DOD); State of health (SOH), State of power (SOP), State of Safety (SOS), Current (both charging & discharging), the BMS enhances safety and longevity of Lithium-ion batteries. The above functions go a long way in ensuring the improvement of overall battery performance efficiency.

HBL's BMS features allow a max of 256 cells in series with stacking, active & passive balancing options, an operational range between -40°C to +105°C, thermal management, data logging and auto-off condition. Importantly, all HBL BMS allows customisation to meet in-house resources for different applications.

HBL BMS finds application in Telecom, Energy Storage, Medical Equipment, UPS & Data Centers, Marine, Electric Vehicles, Defence and Fork Lifts.